Forestarium was born from the collision of my passion for plants and travelling, and a very tiny flat in Paris. I went away for three weeks, and, against all my instincts, I abandoned all my green beauties in the shower, soaking in water. When I returned, I found a blossoming jungle, and it got me thinking...

I realised I could create self-sufficient gardens to bring more greenery and peace into our busy, urban lives. Over the years I’d been collecting glass jars, vases and bottles from my travels, so I started using them as greenhouses for all sorts of plants. And so the first Forestariums were born.

My friends and family started asking for commissions, and then their friends... and now I’m proud to bring lots of people’s ideas to life in a way that lives and breathes and grows with them.

If there’s anything you’d like to ask me, I’d love to hear from you.

Happy browsing!


Faustine x



Frequently asked questions



A terrarium is a plant ecosystem inside a glass vessel.

The water that evaporates as the plants respire creates a warm, humid environment that they thrive in. The water eventually condenses on the glass and runs back down into the soil, is absorbed by the roots, and the cycle begins again. The CO2 released as the plants respire is gobbled up again as the plants photosynthesise, releasing the oxygen needed to respire - and so it goes on.

All this means that the plants inside are really happy, and need very little looking after. 
A bit of air every week or two, an occasional drop of water and an annual haircut. 

What conditions do Forestariums like?

Forestariums love bright spaces, but, like vampires, don’t like being in direct sunlight.

And are they easy to look after?

They are very good at looking after themselves, and can survive untouched for weeks on end. So even if you’re not green-fingered you can be the proud owner of a very healthy Forestarium!

How much Do forestariums cost?

As every Forestarium is different, the price varies depending on what you have in mind. Check out the pricing page, or browse the collection to see example Forestariums.